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Let's Talk

They reached out to soldonhive to discuss how they can better interact with the crypto community.  Hiveterminal has multiple audiences to talk to and different channels with which to do it.  Currently the LinkedIn channel is best suited to talking to invoice sellers, investors and enterprise custom... read more >>

Hiveterminal 的简介

Hiveterminal 是领先于时代前沿颠覆革命的全新商业模式。 Hiveterminal 是一个通过区块链技术保证所有票据唯一性,从而中小企业可将其票据放在市场上交易以获得资金的流动的发票融资平台。Hiveterminal 给中小型企业提供现金流,同时在此平台上的投资者通过提供资金给这些企业,从而获得较高的回报。 [HR]传统的融资和保理业务要通过银行,相关机构进行一系列审核从而放款。 Hiveterminal 运用区块链技术,极大程度降低了成本,并消除票据重复性,流程全自动化,不仅为中小企业开辟了新的资金流动性来源,而且为发票购买者(投资者)带来了高额的回报。在Hiveterminal平... read more >>

Purchasing invoices on Hiveterminal

So, what is it like to purchase an invoice on Hiveterminal?  How does the process work? Well one of the first invoice buyers was a community member and he wrote a great blog about his experience.  This was then kindly translated into a number of other languages by other members of the community.  Li... read more >>

Investor Who?

In April 2020 Hiveterminal received a 'Swiss Venture Investment'.  The investor was described as a Swiss-based boutique VC firm.  His investment changed the structure of the business and the roles of the founders:The blog advised: Over the last few months, we received a couple of other tidbits from ... read more >>

Hiveterminal: Final Testing Before Opening New Markets Is Under Way! [the commentary]

Progress continues apace at Hiveterminal with the news contained in their latest blog. There is no need to break it down as it is short and sweet. There is only one key takeaway:So I am more interested in talking about what this means or could mean.Most of the time in business you get to tick along,... read more >>