Buy Bitcoin

By purchasing your Bitcoin through us and our partner MoonPay, you are helping with the support, maintance and promotion of SoldOnHive.

You just need your credit card / bank details and your Bitcoin wallet address to buy small amounts. A form of ID will be required to buy larger amounts of Bitcoin.

Other Cryptocurrencies Available

  • Are there limits to how much I can buy?

    There are daily and monthly limits to how much crypto you can purchase dependent on verification level.
  • Do I have to be verified to buy crypto?

    You can buy a limited amount of cryptocurrency without any verification.
  • How much money do you make?

    For all cryptocurrency purchased we receive a commission of 0.5%. This is used towards running the website. MoonPay charges for the great service they provide.
  • Are the prices competitive?

    You may be able to find more competitive rates on exchanges. But purchasing your crypto through MoonPay is a very smooth and easy process. You do not have to deal with the complexity of exchanges. Plus when you make a purchase you are supporting us 😀