Hiveterminal milestones and history

The story so far

Lots of projects talk the talk, push their hype and have a dream. That’s the easy bit. The questions really are, what has your favorite project done and what has it achieved? Below are just a few highlights so far attained by Hiveterminal. We are looking forward to lots more 😀

Etherum passive income

19th November

Hiveterminal opens for business. The blockchain-based invoice-financing platform goes live in its native Slovenia.

Peer to Peer financing

3rd January

The first invoice is uploaded and successfully funded on the platform.

Hive terminal etherum based financing platform

30th January

The business model is proved from start to finish, with the initial invoice purchaser being refunded by the debtor, thus completing the process.

Business invoice liquidity

26th February

We hit double figures with the 10th invoice uploaded and funded on the platform.

Turn invoices into cash for your business

1st March

In order to improve transparency, the Hiveterminal Invoice Proof of Ownership DAPP is released. This provides a public record of the number invoices bought on Hiveterminal.

Turn invoices into cash for your business

3rd April

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Purchasing is enabled. Invoice funding becomes even easier for invoice buyers. No need to use secondary markets to purchase HVN, just go direct to the terminal for a one stop purchase.

Slovenian SME invoice financing

19th May

Hiveterminal registers 1000 Slovenian SMEs on the platform.

Microsoft Blockchain Finance

7th June

The ERP plug-in for MS Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is released. This provides a convenient way for invoice sellers to publish their invoices in a safe and secure way to the Hiveterminal platform.

Flash Sale Feature Launched

1st July

Flash Sale Feature Launched. A fast sale option for invoice sellers when debtors are slow in responding.

50 Invoices financed

15th July

Starting to build up a steady head of steam, 50 invoices sold and funded on the platform.

100 Invoices sold and bought on Hiveterminal

1st October

Triple digits is broken, with over a 100 invoices sold on Hiveterminal.

300 Euros funded on Hiveterminal

7th October

Invoices continue to arrive at a pace on the terminal, over 300,000 Euros worth of invoices financed.

300 Euros funded on Hiveterminal

6th November

Another milestone is reached with the 2,000th Slovenian company signed up to the terminal. This represents 1% of all the local companies within Slovenia!

Happy 1st 1st Birthday

19th November

Many happy returns, the terminal has been live and functioning for 1 year. Highly appropriate then that last week a record number of invoices were sold 👍

200 invoices sold

12th December

200 invoices bought! It took 271 days to get from the 1st invoice to the 100th. To get the next 100 took just 72 days!

First Calendar Year

1st January 2020

The first full calendar year of Hiveterminal being operational. Five hundred and thirty seven thousand euros worth of invoices sold on the platform within the year (€537,000).

First Calendar Year

17th February 2020

OTC Price change, token model improved. OTC tokens are no longer set at a fixed rate but are based on the daily market value.

Big time news

6th April 2020

Swiss Venture Investment for International Market Expansion locked and loaded.

300 Invoices Sold

15th April 2020

300 invoices sold on the platform. A record-breaking month last month. And massive business developments just days ago!

Europe here we come

13th July 2020

It is official, the team have made it out of Slovenia and the European expansion has started.

1 Million Euros Sold

1st August 2020

The million euro barrier is broken. Over €1,000,000 worth invoices have now been sold on Hiveterminal.

All EU-Based Companies

5th October 2020

Invoice Buying Now Available to All EU-Based Companies.

Investor Who?

27th November 2020

For a long time, people have been trying to figure out who Hiveterminal's mystery investor it. Well, we've' only gone and solved it 😜

Over 500 invoices

17th December 2020

Would you Adam and Eve it. Over 500 invoices now sold through Hiveterminal!

New marketing site

9th Feb 2021

New website released, more modern current look and feel created with emphasised mobile UI


May 18th 2021

DACH Enterprise upgrade goes live, new enterprise product takes its first steps.

German Language

June 8th 2021

Language Settings Expanded to Include a full German translation

Bonart Mati

September 1st 2021

Bonart Mati is announced as the New CEO of Hiveterminal

New Office

September 13th 2021

New headquarters setup in Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley” Zug, the European blockchain hub

More to come ...

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