Community Media

The Hiveterminal community puts its own resources and time into promoting the project to the wider crypto community. The project has excellent fundamentals, but lacks the glamour of some the more mainstream popular projects. The community likes to do its bit to help further the cause of Hiveterminal.

Bob's Blockchain Cafe

A great discussion between Crypto’s Uncle Bob and Krill, an active member of the Hiveterminal community. This wide-ranging conversation covers family, business, thrash metal and all the way through to Crypto currencies.

Make a cuppa, site back and enjoy this entertaining chat.

Hiveterminal hits the not quite so mainstream news! This is exactly the sort of news we need to see everywhere.

After the Hiveterminal community reached out to BloxLive TV, they were kind enough to do an interview with two of our members.

This in-depth and entertaining interview was hosted by Jessica Walker, featuring community members Kiril and Oliver discussing, 'Altcoin market and the importance of building a stable community.'