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For more information, community discussion and contact with the team, this is where you need to go.

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The Hiveterminal team's official Medium channel details all major platform updates, key business decisions and responses to community questions.

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Official channel

Official Telegram

The Hiveterminal Telegram channel is where platform users (invoice sellers and buyers) can interact with the Hiveterminal team in person. To gain access, you need to be registered to use Hiveterminal and pass the required KYC. Since HVN is a utility token, no speculation or price questions directed to the team are permitted.

How to join

Hiveterminal telegram

Hiveterminal Telegram (Community)

Established by Hiveterminal community volunteers to provide a forum for HVN token holders who are either unable or unwilling to join the Hiveterminal Telegram channel, this channel is completely independent and separate from the Hiveterminal team. The channel is well managed and there are always knowledgeable people around to help answer questions asked by the crypto community. You do not need to hold HVN or pass any sort of KYC to join.

Hiveterminal community

Hiveterminal Twitter

SoldOnHive Twitter

Here you can chat $HVN, get news and commentary from the wider community. Relevant news and information relevant to the token and the market place is also published here.


Hiveterminal Twitter

Official Twitter

The Hiveterminal Twitter handle serves as a complete, comprehensive and frequently updated record of all platform progress made to date. The team does not interact there, preferring instead to speak directly with its platform users on the Hiveterminal Telegram channel.



Use these Telegram channels to stay alert!

Hiveterminal Announcements

Hiveterminal Announcements

The Hiveterminal Announcements channel is a handy place to get immediate notifications for all the latest Medium articles published by the Hiveterminal Team.


Invoices available

Invoice Alerts

Keep track of real-time invoice alerts from this Telegram channel! This service is managed by a community member and is completely independent from the Hiveterminal team. Invoices normally sell very quickly so you have to be quick if you want to get in on the action!

Invoice alerts