Hiveterminal, how much has been sold

The Money

Value of invoices bought by month
(total invoices bought: 0 / investor earnings: 0)


Description: Businesses upload their invoices to Hiveterminal for investors to buy (value of invoices bought). A discount is applied to each invoice, which provides a profit for the investors.

Average Invoice Discount %
(overall average: %0)


Description: The average discount rate applied to the invoices bought on the platform. This discount represents the amount earned by investors over a 1 - 2 month period, though in cases of late payment it maybe longer.

Average Invoice Amount
(overall average: 0 / from: 0 invoices)


Description: The average value of the invoices bought on Hiveterminal.

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  • Where does this data come from?

    These graphs are created using data provided by the Hiveterminal team. The community does have some direct access to this data, but it is not as accurate as the information provided by the team, hence why this is used. There is the possibility that debtors may default so these historical figures may have to be adjusted.